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The cookies are automatic elements used in order to collect data on our website and which, sometimes, we employ to track information on the use of our website on the part of the users. We use cookies in order to optimise the fruition and functionality of our website and to improve the offered services. When a user visits our website, our web server sends to his/her computer the cookies which will perform a series of functions.

Continuing the navigation beyond this page is a consent to our cookies settings and implies the acceptance and understanding of this cookies Policies, and of our “Privacy Notice”.

The user can limit the cookies functions by modifying the settings in his/her own browser, but these limitations can have a negative impact on the user’s experience and on the functionality of our website.


1. Cookies support the basic functions of websites: some cookies are necessary because they are instrumental to some essential functions of our website, for example the memorisation of the items in the shopping basket while the users continues the shopping, browsing the various pages of the website.

2. Cookies can be used to improve the quality of our website and of our services: cookies collect information (sometimes also the IP address) in order to evaluate the use of our website and allow us to improve its usability and offer optimised services.

We use this data for the following purposes:

– supplying aggregate and anonymous statistics on the usage modalities of our website;

– Assessing the effectiveness of our promotions identifying the points clicked by the user and the source website;

– Offering a feedback to appropriately selected third parties partners, whose websites have been visited by one of our visitors;

– Helping us to improve the website identifying the errors that might occur during the user’s browsing experience;

– Offering to the user an advanced functionality of the website, through the access to additional services or restoring the shopping basket if the user wishes to return in a subsequent browsing session.

3. Cookies allow us to share the information with our appropriately selected third parties partners: third parties cookies can share information with partners in order to offer information on our website. The shared information will have to be used exclusively for the supply of the service or function (e.g. the “Like” and “Share” button on social media). Some third parties cookies can be used in order to offer a customised experience through services based on the interests (see “Interest based advertising”) on this and on other websites. Customised browsing experiences sometimes might be connected to the services supplied by third parties and aimed at recognising that the user has visited our website. This information is used in order to send to the users news on products and services offered by Simonetta Bianchini s.r.l. which might be of interest to him/her. These cookies can also refer to social networks – e.g. Facebook – or transmit information on the user’s visit to advertising agencies which shall therefore be able to offer him/her promotions related to products and services by Simonetta Bianchini s.r.l. which might be of interest to him/her.


In order to manage third parties cookies used on our website, we kindly invite you to visit the related websites listed below:

  • – Google Analytics:
  • – Adobe Analytics:
  • – Sizmek:

In order to manage all the cookies used on our website, including those sent by Simonetta Bianchini s.r.l., the user can modify the settings of his/her own browser. Further information on the management of all cookies is available on the website

The disabling, blocking or elimination of cookies in the browser’s settings might have a negative impact on the complete fruition of our website.

Further details on the information we collect and the modalities with which we use any personal data supplied by the user are available  on our “Privacy notice”;  in any case, not every information collected by cookies allows the identification of the user.


Simonetta Bianchini s.r.l. privacy notice describes the types of personal information collected from our clients, the way in which we use such information, the subjects we share it with and the options available to our clients regarding the use we make of their information. We also explain the measures adopted in order to protect the security of the information and the contact details for any question about our privacy policy.


The holder of the personal information gathered according to this privacy notice, that is the subject deciding why and how to handle the personal information, is SIMONETTA BIANCHINI S.r.l. registered in the Bologna companies’ register R.E.A. n. 314719 – VAT n. 03774760379, with legal offices in Bologna, Via dell’Archiginnasio 2/D.

It is always possible to contact Simonetta Bianchini at the above address or by e-mail at

Simonetta Bianchini s.r.l. has appointed a Person in charge of the protection of personal data. For any request regarding the protection of your personal data or on the execution of your rights you can contact our Person in charge for the protection of data (DPO), writing to the kind attention of the “Person in charge for the protection of data “ at the e-mail address of the Holder.


We can collect your personal information in various ways, for example, when you supply it in our point of sale, our Website, social media, during our events, surveys, text messages or by phone. The typology of information we collect includes the following:

– contact details (e.g. name, address, e-mail address, and mobile or other phone number);

– username and password;

– payment information (such as credit card number, expiry date, security code or PIN, delivery and invoicing address);

– information on purchases and transactions;

– information on customer service (such as surveys about the customer service, comments and chronology of repairs);

– pictures, comments and other content supplied by you;

– information concerning your personal or professional interests, birth date, marital status, demographic data and experiences with our products and contact preferences;

– contact information supplied about friends or people you would like us to contact;

– information we might obtain from our suppliers of third parties services.

Moreover, when you visit our site and open our e-mails we might collet information automatically through the use of cookies, Web beacon e and Web servers’ registers. The information we collect in such a way includes IP address, univocal identifier of the device, browser’s features, characteristics of the device, operating system, language preferences, reference URL, information on actions on our Website and date and time of the visits on our Website. A “cookie” is a file, which the Websites send to the user’s PC or to other devices connected to the internet in order to identify in a univocal way the user’s browser or to save information or settings on the browser. A “Web beacon” also called Internet tag, pixel tag or clear GIF, connects the web pages to the web servers and their cookies and can be used to re-transmit the information collected through the cookies to a Web server. Through these automatic methods we obtain “clickstream data”, that is a register of the links and other content on which a visitor clicks when browsing a Website. When a visitor clicks through to a Website, the action register might be collected and stored. We can collect some elements of the data we gathered through automatic tools, such as the browser’s information and other details we obtained about you to know for example if you opened an e-mail we sent you. Through the browser you may choose the notification method regarding certain types of cookies or how to limit or disable some. It is however important to underline that the absence of cookies might disable the access to some of the functions of our Website.

Also the suppliers of tools, widgets and third parties plug-ins on our Website, or the “Like” button on Facebook, might use automatic tools to collect information on your interactions with these functions. This information is collected directly from the functions’ providers and is subject to the policies or privacy notices and cookies of said providers. To the extent provided by applicable laws, we are not responsible in regards with the protection of information gathered by said providers.


We can use the gathered information as follows:

– to supply products and services;

– to process your payments;

– to create and manage your account;

– to send promotional material or other communications;

– to communicate and manage your participation in special events, contests, awards, programs special offers, surveys, market researches;

– to answer your requests;

– to carry out, evaluate and improve our business (including the development of new products and services, the management of our communications, the analysis of our products and customer base, the performance of data processing and accounting activities, audits and other internal activities);

– to reduce credit risk and manage credit recovery;

– to check your identity;

– to protect, identify and avoid frauds or other illegal activities, claims and other responsibilities;

– to comply with and abide to current regulation requirements, relevant industrial standards, contract obligations and our policies.

We also have the right to use data in any other way, which we shall notify at the time of the data acquisition.

Moreover, we shall use the information collected through cookies, Web beacon, pixel, Web server registers and other automatic tools for purposes such as (i) customise users’ experience on our Website, (ii) offer custom content according to our clients’ interests and to the way our clients browse our website and (iii) manage our Website and other aspects of our business. To the extent provided by applicable laws, we shall ask your consent before collecting information through the use of cookies or other similar automatic tools.

On our Website we could use third parties analyses services, such as Google Analytics, Adobe Omniture and Sizmek. The providers of these analyses services make use of  technologies such as cookies, Web servers registers and Web beacon in order to analyse the use of our Websites and apps on your part. The information gathered with these tools (including the IP address) can be divulged to said analyses providers and other relevant third parties using the information, for example in order to evaluate the use of the Website or app. For further information on these analyses service or on how to grant one’s consent, please visit the websites listed below:

– Google Analytics:

– Adobe Analytics:

– Sizmek:


On our Website we might collect information on your online activities and use it in order to send you advertising material on products and services customised on the basis of your personal interests. For this purpose we might also obtain information from third parties Websites where our ads are published. This section of our Privacy Notice supplies the details and explains how to exercise your options.

You might see our ads on other Websites because we sell our ads to third parties networks (such as Facebook, Rubicon and Twitter). Through these purchase networks we can send our messages to the users through demographic tools based on users’ interests. We can monitor your online activities over time gathering information through automatic tools, such as cookies, Web server registers, pixel and third parties Web beacons. The networks use this information in order to show you ads, which could be customised according to your individual preferences. The information which our advertising networks might collect on our behalf, include data on your visits on the Websites containing ads by Simonetta Bianchini s.r.l., such as the pages or ads which you visualise or the actions you perform on the Websites. This data collection is done on our Websites and on those of the third parties belonging to these advertising networks. This process helps us also to monitor the efficacy of our marketing campaigns. To the extent provided by applicable laws, we shall ask your consent before using your information for advertising based on your interests.


Any transaction made using PayPal is subject also to the PayPal privacy notice, which can be found  at the following link:


We handle your personal data only under one of the conditions prescribed by the current regulation and specifically:

  1. a) for the conclusion and execution of a contract in which you are a party.

When we handle your data for the conclusion of a purchasing contract in which you are a party, we take care to use exclusively the essential information necessary for the execution of the same. This is the legal basis for the handling of personal data in the following activities:

– conclusion and execution of a contract for the purchase of the products offered on;

– registration on the WebSite and fruition of the services reserved to registered users;

– supply of the services offered on;

– management of your requests from our Customer Service.

The supply of your data for these activities is a contract obligation. You are free to give or not to give your data, but lacking the required data, it will not be possible for us to conclude or execute your contract or your requests. This means that you will neither be able to buy the products nor to use the services offered by Simonetta Bianchini s.r.l. and that Simonetta Bianchini s.r.l. will not be able to manage your request;

  1. b) to comply with a legal obligation.

In the case of conclusion of a contract for the purchase of goods on, the handling of the User’s data shall be done in compliance with the legal obligations of Simonetta Bianchini s.r.l. in compliance with the tax dispositions and other rules to which Simonetta Bianchini s.r.l. is subject. You are free to decide if you want to conclude a contract and if you want to give us your data or not, but if you conclude the contract your data will be necessary and will be handled in order to comply with the above legal obligations to which Simonetta Bianchini s.r.l. is subject;

  1. c) for our legitimate interest.

Some of your personal data, in the case of purchase of goods on with credit or debit card, might be handled in order to perform anti-fraud activities: we have a legitimate interest in performing such activities in order to prevent or to prosecute any fraudulent activity.

  1. d) according to your consent

We shall perform the following activities with your data only if you have given us your explicit consent:

. performance of marketing activities and surveys and market researches;

. analysis of your navigation and purchasing habits in the use of your profile, for the purpose of customising your experience on our Web Site.

Supplying your personal data for such activities is completely optional; you are therefore free to decide if you want to give us your data for such purposes or not, however, lacking this data it will not be possible for Simonetta Bianchini s.r.l. to perform marketing activities, opinion surveys and market researches and analysis of your habits.



We do not disclose your personal information, except as described in this Privacy Notice. We might share personal information with the suppliers of services providing services on our behalf according to our indications. We do not grant permission to said service providers to use or disclose the information except as far as it is necessary for the supply of the services on our behalf or in compliance with the law. Said services providers include juridical persons processing credit card payments, managing or reducing our credit risk, checking information, fulfilling orders and providing Web hosting, analysis and marketing services.

Moreover, we have the right to disclose your information (i) if required to by law or by a legal proceeding, (ii) to the police force or other government officials and (iii) if we deem it necessary or appropriate to disclose it for the purpose of avoiding physical damages or financial losses or due to an investigation for suspect or proven fraudulent or illegal activity. We also reserve the right to transfer your personal information in our possession in the case of sale or full or partial transfer of our business or assets (also in the case of re-organisation, winding-up or liquidation).


We store your data for an unlimited period of time, different according to the type of activity for which we handle your personal data.

After this period has expired, your data will be definitely cancelled or anyway rendered anonymous in an irreversible way.

Your personal data is stored in compliance with the following terms and conditions:

  1. a) data collected in order to conclude and execute contracts for the purchase of goods on until the end of the accounting-administrative procedures. Invoicing data shall be stored for ten years from the date of the invoice;
  2. b) data of the registered User: the data shall be stored until you request the cancellation of your profile;
  3. c) payment data: until the certification of the payment and until the conclusion of the related administrative-accounting procedures following the termination of the escape clause and of the terms applied to the payment refutation;
  4. d) data collected during the fruition of the services offered on this data is stored until the termination of the service or the cancellation of the registration on the part of the user;
  5. e) data related to users’ request to our Customer Service: the necessary data to give you the requested support shall be stored until your request has been fulfilled;
  6. f) data used for commercial communication activities addressed to the users buying goods on (soft spam): this data is stored until the termination of the service or until the user exercises his/her opposition right and cancels his/her registration;
  7. g) data supplied for commercial communication activities, surveys and market researches: until the request on the part of the user to discontinue the activity and anyway within 2 years from the last interaction of any kind on the part of the user with Simonetta Bianchini s.r.l.;
  8. h) data used in order to customise the WebSite and to show customised commercial offers: until the request on the part of the user to discontinue the activity and anyway within 2 years from the last interaction of any kind on the part of the user with Simonetta Bianchini s.r.l.;
  9. i) the data used for the performance of market researches and satisfaction surveys: until the user requests the discontinuance of the activity.

In any case, due to technical reasons, the discontinuance of the handling and the subsequent final cancellation or irreversible anonymization or the related personal data shall be final within 30 days from the above mentioned terms.


Your personal data shall be handled by the internal staff of Simonetta Bianchini s.r.l. specifically trained and authorised for the handling.

Your personal data shall also be communicated to the third parties we use for the supply of our services; these subjects have been properly selected and offer a suitable guarantee of compliance with the regulations regarding the handling of personal data. These subjects have been appointed as persons in charge of the handling and perform their activity according to the instructions supplied by Simonetta Bianchini s.r.l. and under its control.

The concerned third parties belong to the following categories: bank operators, internet providers, companies specialised in the supply of information and computer services, couriers, marketing companies, companies specialised in market researches and data processing.

Your data might be communicated to the police and to judiciary or administrative authorities, in compliance with the law for the identification and prosecution of crime, the prevention and safeguard of threats to public security, in order to allow Simonetta Bianchini s.r.l. to verify, exercise or defend a right in court, or for other reasons related to the protection of other people’s rights and freedom.


You can exercise a series of options in relation with the personal information we acquire about you, for example regarding the methods of use of the information and communication with you. In order to update your preferences, ask us to remove your information from our mailing lists and in general, exercise your rights by sending a request to

You can also cancel your subscription from our mailing lists following the link “Cancel subscription” in our e-mails. In compliance with the law, you can request access to your personal information stored by us, or request to correct, modify, eliminate or block it by contacting us with the method described above. If provided for by the law, you can withdraw the consent you previously gave us or deny us the right at any time, for legitimate reasons, to process your personal information, and from that moment onwards we shall apply your preferences.

For more details on how to refuse to receive interest based advertising material from the advertising network, please visit the following page:



We operate in compliance with administrative, technical and physical measures in order to protect your personal information from destruction, loss, alteration, access, disclosure or accidental, illegal or non-authorised use.


Should you believe that the handling of your personal data has been performed illegally, you can submit a claim to one of the competent authorities for the control of the compliance of persona data protection rules and regulations.

In Italy, the claim can be submitted to the Garante per la Protezione dei Dati Personali.

You can find further information on the submission procedures on the Garante website at the following address:


This privacy notice (including any further addition) can be updated periodically and without any notice to you, for the purpose of reflecting any change made to our personal information polices.

The handling of your personal data is done by Simonetta Bianchini S.r.l. in full compliance with the regulations included in the Regolamento UE 2016/679 (general regulation on the protection of data), Italian regulations on the handling of personal data and the dispositions of the Italian control Authority (


If you wish your information or preferences in our possession to be updated, please contact us via e-mail